Monday, April 27, 2009

Bad Bad ME!

Pam's Pick a petal!

I have been soooo bad about posting- but geesh- I don't even have time to make a card let alone take a picture of it and then up load it and then write about it. BUt we did have a card swap yesterday- so here they are. They are not the best pics- but I was determined to take them last night and post today- so I did.

Lillians sweet girl- Retired set

Glorias/mine thank you card with good morning sunshine paper.

Debbie's Mother's Day purse

My Juicy Tart and Tangy CardMy Fresh Cuts card

Sunday, April 19, 2009

samantha's sunday share #13

Well- I didn't make it to church today- not feeling real well. I have some ovulation problems with my right vary and so every month when i ovulate or about to have the cycle I get inot some pain. But about every three months it hurts so bad I almost end up inER- I can't go to the doctor's because- 1- I don't wnat o know if it is cancer (I know if they find it early enough they can make it go away) but 2- I don't wnat all the poking and prodding they do! I know what you are going to say- I need to go- yes I know! But I will keep praying it just goes away! My GOD is a real BIG GOD! So I found this funny clip on my friend Dawn's blog so I stole it for all of you to enjoy (ok all 2 of you- who read my blog :)

Savannah started swim team this past Tuesday and she LOVES it and she is sooooo GOOD! She started in 6th place on Tuesday and third palce on Friday- don't have any pic's yet but I will get some.

Stevie is doing better with the whole baseball thing

Shawn is doing better at preschool- he only cries for 30 seconds when I leave and when I come back in 5 minutes to peek in on him he is doing fine!

CAN I GET AN AMEN! Steven got a job! He started Wed night out in San Diego back with Stater Bros.

That's pretty much our exciting news- I haven't had time to stamp I am doing scrapbook for my friend Nancy- she is paying me $100 to scrapbook her son's baby book- so I can't even share those pages cause- they are not anything special- just trying to get it done!

Weight Watcher's is still in force - but I am weakening- I just finished a big hambuger, some fries, zuchinni, and grilled cheese- YUMMO! But BBBAAAADDDD!