Saturday, June 28, 2008

A card swap and a challange

Here are the cards from our swap today. I love hanging with my girls- Jen you are so fun and spunky and beautiful, Pam I adore you- you are so beautiful, and talented and just so sweet (even when you are crabby), Lillian- I think you are so neat, kind, and I am so glad you joined the group. Mel, Glo, and Tina - I missed you! And looked what you missed!

Jen's Red, White, and Blue card

Pam's Bride to be

Melissa's wedding card (even though she didn't come she still sent cards- and that's why we love her!!!)

Samantha's wedding card

Jennifer's friend card- which she did not like at all!

Jennifer's wedding card and the WINNER!

Lillian's wdding card

which was to stamp anything but a card in the Red- White- And Blue colors. So I took one of Jen's designs and made a journal- I thought the saying was appropiate "May all your dreams come true" for a ournal- since that is where you can write all your dreams down.

TFL! Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 27, 2008

A SAS class and a peek into my week

Here are a couple of cards that we made last night at a class we had. We made 14 cards (7 each of 2 designs) for $16.00. My friend Tina designed them- and the "B" one we are using for a swap at CONVENTION!!!!!!

Last Sunday we went to the bunch (buffet) at Cal Baptist- Can you say "YUMMY"????? This is my absolute most fav spot to go to for breakfast, they have EVERYTHING!!! From Sushi to fresh made waffles with strawberries and carmal syrup. That didn't really help my diet- but it was delicious!!!! While we were there waiting for my mom, who is always late, and swears that she never is I took some pic's of my boy- there was a snail that I showed him- but he wasn't too interested in it- so I guess I can be glad about that for now.
Isn't he oh so cute- He is the love of our lives!!!!!!

Well, Whenever my husband mows the lawn Shawn doesn't stay away. So he made a little seat on the mower just for Shawn. Shawn LOVED it- he sat there and said "bruummm...." I went to pick him up and he didn't want to get off.

We finally, had to get a pool fence put up- can you say "OUCH?" to our pocket book- $2,000!!!!! I think I better put one of those tip jars on my blog- hehe. Shawn had fallen in already 4 times - don't panic we were watching him all the time- but we figured better do it- since he loves being outside and loves throwing things in the pool. So up went the pool. So now that he is safe from the pool he fell on the cement and got his first "goose egg."
Well that was my week - Hope you had a good one!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Beate's LAST wsc for a while at least

Well- our dear Beate is taking some much deserved time off- so this is her last challie for a while- until the NEW SU! catalog comes out! August 15th is the big day- but I will have it July 30th cuz' I am going to CONVENTION baby!!!! :) Well, I am with Beate- I feel like taking the summer off- you can tell by my card the creativity is all gone!!!! I wanted to add some hair to the flower and it needs some ribbon at the top- but it is late and I have got clothes to fold. I will fix it more tomorrow and repost. Night!

Want some candy?

My SBS sister is offereing some GREAT blog candy! Thanks Becky! Click Here!

And another one from Emma (who is a SBS sister- just not in my group!) Click here!

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Busy Week!

Well, I had a very busy week with promotions, graduations, Father's day, class parties, etc..
I am sure you all UNDERSTAND!
Here are some cards I made on Friday- I was so proud of myseld- I made a wedding card, a sympathy card, 2 graduation cards and an inspiration challenge card (a little late)

So here they are! Enjoy! TFL!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Continuing the amazement!

Here is my card for the Friday- Stamp Something challenge!- So hurry up- no excuses "STAMP SOMETHING!" Before the animals get you wehre the sun don't shine!!! (that is the challenge- stamp any thing with an animal - grrrr!

wsc #51- i amaze ME!

So All the time I hear- I am so busy, I don't have time, I could never- well- for those of you- who those sayings apply- YOU'RE RIGHT!

Here is what I did this week
River sunday 3 hours away, a play, piano lessons, 2 PTA meetings, 2 luncheons, skills day, a sizzler meeting were I have to make 31 cards- and present a demo table, take care of a 1 year-old, an 8 year- old and a 36 year-old (my DH), a girl scout meeting- home depot to pick up donations, clean house, Dream dinners, Plaza night, and stamp with a GF just to name a few. So yep- I am so amazed with myself- who would have ever thought- I would be doing all of that in one week- and then to top it all off... I am #29 to turn my card into Beate for her weekend sketch challenge- go ahead tell me again why you can't stamp???? Oh- really!

This is an upclose pic so you can see the shaving cream technique- I love it! I used Be Happy stamp set, and bold bright colors. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I was tagged

Hi everyone-
One of my SBS sisters - Tracie, tagged me

so here goes
1-What was I doing 10 years ago-

Married 2 years and pregnant with twin boys- that were still borns :(

2- Today's To-Do list
CM with Holly, Stater Bros.,Dream dinners, PTA meeting, Wal-Mart

3-Snacks I enjoy-
Not really a snacker- but not skinny by any means

4- If I was a millionaire....

build a house with a back house for my mom and dad and a great big waterfall

adopt a bunch of kids

buy a big truck for the hubby, a new car for me, and a 5th wheel

college funds


5- Places I lived...
California- Los Alimitos, Garden grove, and Riverside

Now consider yourself tagged- haha- let me know so I can come over and read your answers