Monday, January 25, 2010

Quartzite 1/24/10

We went to Quartzite, AZ this past weekend with my brother and his in-laws and some of his friends. We had so much fun. The weather was horrible all week long and when we got there it was all sunny skies! It was beautiful and a great place to ride. Hard-packed, sandy river bottom, just the right amount of mud, and perfect sized hills. A great, memorable weekend.

Ridin', campfires, good food, and good friends, and great weather- perfect!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Nancy!

My friend at work's birthday was last Friday and I had off so I said I would make her some cupcakes (just give me any reason to make some cupcakes ;) -LOVE EM'

Then my sister came over and she wanted to make me her a cupcake box, because she wants to start selling cupcakes- AH-HAAA! I reason to make a cute box to put my cute cupcake for my cute friend.
Then if that wasn't enough, I was doing some blog hopping and I saw that Stamp Something was having a blue and white challenge- yahoo- an easy one- so I hopped on!
SU! set A great friend
Punches- Boho blossoms, 5 point flower

My lil' space and some candy

Ok so my cyber friend Denise is offering up some blog candy if you post a picture of where you work. well, this last weekend I had to CLEAN up my space- especially if I had to show all of you- so I took before and after all the cleaning!

AHHHHH- Cleaning is good for the soul! Thanks Denise!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stamps for sale

New lower prices on retired new and used stamp sets

Shipping 3 sets for $4.95

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Disneyland 1/9/10

Debbie called and said. "Hey we are at D-land, come down." OK! So we finished up the house chores and took off. Steven didn't go becasue his back was hurt from splitting logs (even though Shawn did all the work- see pic below.) The church on the corner was cutting down a pine tree so I told him- go get the wood and he did (we can't affford Duraflames anymore :( His friend Dave had a log splitter so he borrowed that. We have lots of WOOD!

We picked up my niece Maya, left Shawn with daddy and grandpa- and were off! While we were there we went into the fairyland and had a fun photo shoot.

Fairy Princess Savannah

Fairy Princess Samantha

Prince Sunflower Surfin' Stevie

Princess Maya

The D-Land Gang =)- With the Disneyland Master of all hidden Mickey's -


Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 80th Daddy!

What a GREAT time we had celebrating my dad's 80th birthday at my sister Ursie's house. My brother and SIL came down from Arizona and his in-laws came from Garden Grove ( we LOVE the Caddy's :)
My dad is a special kinda dad. One that would do anything for his kids- He is and always will be the BEST Daddy a girl could have.
Of course we HAD TO light all 80 candles!
He got 2 clappers, pringles, fruit punch, a calendar, a blanket, and tons of scratchers- He got to scratchin right away- He was up $10 bucks when I left... Now he is off to Vegas with his ex, his son- Wayne and DIL- Bettty, and Ruth Caddy- Good Luck Dad- Love you!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years 2010

We had a GREAT night with our GREAT friends Stephanie, Steve (aka my boyfriend), and Meghan. We went to a progressive house party. We started at Fred and Ernie's and then went to Steph and Steve's and ended at Bob's and ???? house. One of my BFF's spent the whole night with me- so we had lots of fun looking at all sorts of pictures on her phone- LOL!

Happy 2010- Hope it's better again and again! God Bless you and yours today and the rest of the year!