Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Well- It's all over.... what we prepare for, for 363 days and then poof! It's all gone! At least we get 2 days of celebrating....But I think Jesus deserves more than two days of celebration for His birthday!

We had THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVVA!!!! Steven went back to work after 2 years of being laid-off and we got PRESENTS!!!! We were not supposed to use our credit cards but we did...not much but a little...and I got....are you ready?
Isn't she beautiful? I am so in love! I have done some impromptu photo shoots already....on ALL the different settings!

We went to Florie's for Christmas Eve and had a Christmas Brunch at my house with my family. Everyone had a really good time and was very blessed with gifts. Savannah got her black boots she wanted, Justin Beiber perfume, and a hot pink camera (from Uncle Wayne and Auntie Boop)
Shawn got his smarshmellow gun, Lego sets, and a race track that goes up the wall. He also got a DSi and said "Hey I didn't ask for that!" and a drum set (which he didn't ask for - but he hasn't stopped playing either of them)
Steven got a tablet- just a cheapie...but he will hopefully learn how to use it...Hope you all had a VERY Merry CHRISTMAS!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pam's Holiday Cookie Exchange

I love getting together with CREATIVE, Talented, Beautiful ladies and having snacks, talk, and sharing ideas. Today I went to Pam's cookie exchange and it was so much fun. While there we were talking about Cake Pops and Pam of course had a Cake Pop book and The Author has a blog- BAKERELLA. Talk about crazy creative...WOW! This is a blog I will probably visit daily :) I wanted to share it with you! Here are some pictures from her blog to entice you to head on over there!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Cards and Cookies

I got a real hand-stamped Christmas card in the mail today!!!! So exciting! Even though I have a handful of very talented, creative friends that stamp, craft, and scrapbook....I usually get only one or two stamped cards. The photograph ones are SO cheap and easy- it's easier to just do those. But Melissa and Michelle rocked the stamped cards this year! Thank you girls...I LOVE them! Then Melissa called and said, "Are you home?" She ran over to show me another hand-made card that is adorable! It has soooo many possiblities (the stocking one)- hehe silly I know- but we love creativity!
Christmas in our house means COOKIES and lots of them! I had our cookie exchange last week (Prior post) and now I am going to Pam's cookie exchange tomorrow. A lot of the ladies that will be there are .....you guessed it CREATIVE so I thought I would show off the Stampin UP! cookie press.
 These are so easy, fun, and yummy!
Holidays Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps125152
Regular Price: $18.83

Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Christmas! Yep I said it!

Merry Christmas all my dear friends! I have been more conscious of saying it this wonderful season. I had to explain to a friend that it is not that we are against saying Happy Holidays, but that people (store cashiers) are being told NOT to say it. That is when us Christians have to stand up for our beliefs!

I had my 5th or 6th annual cookie exchange, we had our 13th annual ornament exchange, 17 wonderful friends came to exchange cookies, eat some yummy foods, play games, and fellowship! Loved it!
We are having a wonderful time so far! We went to the Festival of trees and turned in a coloring contest paper and checked out some beautiful trees, we went to Christmas 365 and enjoyed 50 beautiful trees there, with some yummy food. The kids had wonderful class parties today- Steven played Santa Claus at Alcott and passed out Candy Grams! Savannah got another one from Parker again...so stinkin cute!

We had our 13th annual ornament exchange. What a special treat it is knowing that I have been friends with some of these ladies for over 20+ years, I know these friendships will last FOREVER!

We went to Sand Haven Pines and Savannah and Shawn chopped (sawed) down our Christmas tree! It was SOOOO COLD...so we picked fast and then hurried to Nana's for a warm yummy dinner. Speaking of my mom, she said the BEST thing to me 2 days ago that she has ever told me. We were talking and she said, "Who would have ever thought when I was pregnant with you, (40 years ago) that you would end up being my best friend!"- That has to be one of the BEST presents I have ever received.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gingerbread house party!

I had 9 children over today to make Gingerbread houses- and it was so fun! They had lots of fun eating candy, decorating, eating candy, eating candy, decorating, eating candy! I hope they will last a couple of days and the memory will last forever. I told Shawn that they are just for decoration and he started crying and said, "I don't want them to be a decoration." His will probably be gone today!