Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Who is your "Front row friends?"

My GF from La Quinta, Michelle, has started a new blog with her "Front row friend", Linda. This is the type of friendship that is very rare. I am a bit jealous of their friendship I have to admit. But if Linda is anything like Michelle- it's no wonder they are BFF's and FRF's!!!!

Visualize your life as a stage, and the audience is full of your friends, family, acquaintances. Who do you want in your front row? Your front row should be reserved for people in your life who support you, encourage you, tell you the truth in love, and cheer you on. These are the folks who know your strengths and weaknesses, and still love you!Many times, the wrong people may be in your front row (people who aren't supportive) and the right people/friendships may need to be given more time and energy. This idea really resonated with us. We've been friends for a long time, and discovered that we are definitely in each other's front row.

Head on over and visit their blog- www.frontrowfriends.blogspot.com I am sure you won't be disappointed.

Sorry blogging has been few and far between and now NO pics. My sweet, precious, bouncing baby boy- ate my camera- and it didn't take to well to his DROOL! So I guess I know what I will be getting for Christmas.


Supermum said...

Yep drool will do it every time. At least we know whats top of your Christmas list!
Very nice post by the way....
Sue. x

~Denise Lynn~ said...

What a lovely post Samantha! It's beautiful. :) Hope you're doing well, sorry I haven't been by in a bit, been busy! :)

Sharon Rivera said...

Well, you are certainly in my front row. What a nice idea!