Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall Time is HERE!

WOW! How exciting- The smells, feel, sounds, winds, leaves, ALL of it! Can you say wonderful? We have a new group on our FaceBook and it's called Let's Eat! Under that group my friend Amber is doing a recipe of the week. This weeks was a apple pecan bread- OMG!!!! Who knew that if you combine some butter and brown sugar it makes this stuff like caramel and it is SOOOOOOOOO good!

I used walnuts instead because that is what I had. YUMMO!

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Sharon said...

E-gads woman! Where have you been? I still have your swaps from the Sizzler meeting. I don't think we're having another meeting this year, so do you want to stop by some day (like a weekend when I'm home)?