Sunday, November 29, 2009

So thankful!

The last couple of years we went to shop down our own tree but this year we has to go where the credit was still good- Ol' Faithful HOME DEPOT! They asctually had tons of beautiful trees this year- it was so easy to pick the very right one!

We had AJ or RJ helping us and he was so excited that my crazy lil' family came to town- he was bored stiff the last couple of hours- well, if you know me and my family- we were anything but boring :)

We set the tree up on Friday- forgetting all about the Mission Inn lighting :( but had fun decorating and turning the whole house into Christmas Town :)

Shawn is at the most absolute FUN age- 2 and a half. He is so funny- and so much trouble- but so worth it! He and I wish you a very peaceful Christmas season!

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