Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MY very first 5K!- YEAH!

Wendy and me- this lady is SUCH a blessing to me- she is so helpful at keeping me on track! Thanks Wendy!
My Leader Donna, she has lost 80 lbs and kept it off for 9 years. She did NOT walk yet- can you tell?
Our funnest group friends

My WW BFF- Jennifer :)
Weight Watchers does a 5K every year and the closest one to us this year was in San Diego so my leader (Donna) put together an unofficial WW walk. If we completed it we get a 5K charm to put on our key ring. Well, if anyone knows me.... I will do ANYTHING for a prize or a pat on the back. So my WW friends- Wendy, Jennifer, Jeannie, and I walked the 5K in about an hour, along with about 100 other WW's.

So as I am writing this I guess I should talk a little about my CRAZY life. I have had hives for about a week now and the doctor does not know what is causing them and keeps perscribing more and more drugs- which I am refusing to take- especially steriods that make you GAIN weight. So as I am waiting all day for the doctor to call back, Shawn decides to rub Ben-Gay all over his naked body..... as he comes SCREAMING down the hall holding his penis (I am scared to death to look) and I throw him in the sink to wash him off and he is sreaming that he wants a band-aid- guess who calls... and I miss the FREAKIN phone!!!!! Well, hummmm.... don't know if the hives are stress related??????

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