Sunday, September 25, 2011

Summer 2011

Wow time is flying by and we are having one of our best summers EVVA! We have already gone to the beach like 6 times, Pharoh's 3 times, and Sea World a few times also. Savannah is on her way home from a week vacation with the Jorgenson family up to Lodi, where Grandma and Grandpa Kerr live. This was her fisrt LONG trip away from mom. She also did a week of Nature Camp at Hidden valley were I volunteered so that Shawn could also attend for free :) Then she went and did a sailing class with Grant and Brandon Jorgenson, but she didn' finish becasue she didn't like it (the boats were too small and her feet fell asleep) and Grandpa ended up in the hospital with Colon cancer. He is now at Nana's recovering very well! Then she went to Art Camp at RAM with Mrs. Yeager thatnks to Melissa Utterbach (she had paid for her grandson but he didn't go- so Savannah scored :)

Both kids also did a week at VBS at the Grove and loved it! It was Star Wars themed. Savannah had a week off and then she left. Now she has one more week off then she gets to do another ART camp at RAM (Thank you Melissa :)

Daddy FINALLY got a J-O-B! After 2 VERY long years he got called out to Stateline to build a Solar Panel Power Plant. He will leave Sunday night and come home Thursday evening. He is sharing a room with Dave so it will only cost $10 a night pp. They will trade off paying for gas every other week.

Melissa Wilson and I have been scrapbooking every Wednesday together and we have done almost 50 pages each, so far! It is a very fun time talking and scrapping with her!

I also have been baysitting carter all summer long, he is fun to take along and introduce new things to!

Savannah * Rebecca* Lauren * Cayley dancing for the Alcott talent show

Savannah and her BFF Rebecca with thier awards- Savannah made honor roll!

Dickie and raylene (she graduated!)

Savannah starts water polo

We have a 40th birthday party for Debbie

Carter at the Nature Camp

Shawn in Canyon Lake, AZ

Me and Savannah and Stevie went cliff jumping

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