Saturday, February 4, 2012

Christmas time is our favorite!

I definately have to say that around here, Christmas is the very FAVORITE holiday! We start decorationg on Thanksgiving weekend and S-T-E-R-E-T-C-H it out as long as we can! Our family tradition has always been to open presents and gather with my family on Christmas Eve, but this year my brother changed it up! We had a Christmas brunch instead, which was so FUN! My husbands family always celebrates on Christmas Eve also which made it very difficult for us to do both and then nothing on Christmas Day! So this year was extra special because we got to spend time with both families, with no stress, and for a longer amount of time :) I was a happy girl!

Making tamales is a BIG part of our Christmas and about 4 years ago my friend Gloria and I started making them together...last year my mom got involved also. This year I even got invited (kinda sort of) to Steven's family tamale party...thanks Florie ;)

At Steven's sister is where the Christmas Eve party is held at. We sit around talking and eating until midnight...then everyone gets on thier knees to say some Hail Mary's and Our Fathers. I really liked doing this with them all...since we are practising christians...but I was born and raised a teaches my children something from my past. Then Santa decides to show up and passes out a special gift to everyone. Then the presents are distributed (mostly to the kids) and the madness begins. My kids really got spoiled this year...thank you Tia Becca and Tia da best!

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