Monday, September 3, 2012

Magdeleno Family Reunion IE style

So some of us didn't get to go to the HUGE family reunion in Dos Palos- which only happens every three years.I personally was throwing a fit- so mad- sad- all of it! I wanted my kids to go so bad and see all of their family. Family is so inportant to me and unfortunately not so much to my parents. They are not close to their family at all, so we are not either. But on my husbands side- they are extremely close. My husband, Steven, threw his back out on Tuesday August 20th while at school, wshing his hands. he finished the week out at school and we think that made it worse. By that Friday he could not move or walk. He went to the chiropractor, ried oils, heat and ice, nothing was helping. So we went to the doctor and got some steriods and muscle relaxers. Today almost 3 weeks laster he is 90% better. PRAISE GOD! But in the meantime, we are looking at 2 paychecks this month instead of 4. So we were not able to go to the family reunion. Steven's brother had a heart attack a few weeks ago and is not in the best health so he was also not able to go. Frankie, our nephew had to work so he stayed behind. I called my SIL Lola and said get everyone together we are going to wear our shirst and have a mini-reunion. So we did! As a freind put it, we made lemonade out of lemons.

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