Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Crafty Monkey - Kids Challenge

Well Savannah (my 8 year-old) wanted her own blog and to start making some cards. So we found crafty monkeys for kids 16 and under. This was her first challenge. It was a summer card- look at the detail on the boat- she colored on the stamp and made it multi- colored. She makes her mommy so proud!

And I pic of my baby- He loves WATERMELON- Can't wait to scrapbook these pages!

Just another fun day at the Esqueda home. What can you do but appreciate life- all of it- even when you are sitting there blogging.... minding your own biz... and bam- poof- blew! Your computer blows up on you. A brand new HP desk top Pavillion- last night- sounded like firecrackers- and then smoke and everything went black! So now I am on an older one we had in the closet. We just keep on truckin'! I did lose tons of pictures :( Please keep us in your prayers as we have to deal with HP- we have had to deal with them before and they are a horrible company in keeping thier end of the bargain! They are supposed to call tomorrow- we'll see???


Zoe said...

I love your bright summery card Savannah.Thanks for joining in our challenge.

~Denise Lynn~ said...

What a great card! She's going to be a pro in no time! How fun it must be to have a little stamper to join in the fun when you stamp. Your little boy is a cutie pie! :)

Supermum said...

Um sounds like you're gonna have some fun - good luck!
Love the phooto of your son - perfect for scrapping!
And the card is stunning - great job!
Sue. x

~Denise Lynn~ said...

Got a little something for you on my blog...check it out! :)