Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Up for a swap?

Well I decided to do a swap with my SBS sisters- but since only one of them is interested so far I figure I would open it up to everyone. I want to do a masculine birthday swap. You must do your absolute best work!!! It has to have at least 2 layers and at least one type of embellishment. If your interested let me know. You will send approx. 10 cards of the same design to me with another SASE - so I can swap out the cards and send you 10 different ones back. Sound good? Let me know.


LuvCraftn said...

I am up for a swap!! Sounds great!! Your blog is looking awesome!!!!

Joy said...

Sorry Samantha cant join in this one I'm involved in lots of swaps here in UK on various forums from birthday cards to tags and ATCs and fatbook pages, though I'm cutting them down so I can do more challenges. Good luck with your swap xx

~Denise Lynn~ said...

Hey Sam...any other rules? Can we use any stamps, any company? When do you need them by? I think I can find some time to crank out ten cards, sounds like fun...count me it. :)

Cathy said...

Sorry Samantha, I would normally say yes, but I am up to my eyes at the mo. Maybe next time.
Cathy xx