Saturday, September 6, 2008

Good times, GREAT friends!

Last night we ended up having a PARTY! It was kinda unplanned but turned out to be a BLAST! I was watching my friend Holly's son and she was running late for pick up at our school- so she said "Can you pick up Bryson?" No Problem. Then my friend Judy called and said "My baby is sleeping, can you pick up Elizabeth?" No problem. I had to pick up my own daughter anyways and Trevor. His parents Nancy and Terry, were already over. Well, while I was trying to pick up Elizabethh (we had to go on a hunt for some cookies (?) and then we had to say goodbye to all her friends, and then she had to plan the whole dinner on the green) I forgot about Bryson. Luckily, he headed over to my house and my husband told him to stay there. Then Janelle called- mom to my daughters BFF and said she was on her way. Well, needless to say after swimming, margarita's, and some snacks. We had to invite the hubbies over for dinner. So then they came. I am telling you, I don't thnk I have ever had a better time. My friend Judy is SOOOOOOO wonderful. I refer to myself as big or the fat girl quite often and she got so mad. She is one person who truely does not see people for what they look like- but sees them for what their heart is. My husband instantly feel inlove with her and I fell even deeper. Thanks Judy for all your entertainment and wonderfullness last night- You and your family are welcome anytime! Holly and Phil, I just love hanging with you guys, Janelle- MUAH!, Nancy you are now a sisterwife to many thanks for sharing her Terry!

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Becky said...

Looks like a very fun night was had by all!
Love Becky xx