Sunday, June 7, 2009

Samantha's Sunday Share #15

Well- again no bloggin for a while- but you have to do what you can and deal... I am learning to say no to some things and not get discouraged when I can't do everything.... cuz' though I might think I am SUPERWOMAN- I am not!

Yesterday we had two birthday parties - Gavin (5) and Kasey's (10)

Gavin was at my friend's Leahs house and Kasey's was at the beach- Bolsa Chica. Today we are having a little BBQ and visit with a teacher who left- Miss Lisa (see post below)

Thursday night I had my Sweet club and we made these three cards.

Last Saturday we had our Shoebox swap and made these cards.

Hope you enjoy- and have a great week! I know I will my last one- then I am off for the summer!!!!


Joy said...

Hi Samantha, enjoy your summer break. Ive so enjoyed looking at your fantasic piccies and lovely cards xx

Sharon said...

Hi Sammie....You coming with us??? It will be SO much fun!!!
Girl Road Trip to Convention!!!