Sunday, June 21, 2009

Samantha's Sunday Share #16

Savannah's Piccaso's Piece

YAHOO!!!! It's summer and I am off for 2 and a half months!!!!!
Lots of trips to D-Land and the beach!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the wonderful daddies out there including mine and my DH!

We had a very productive week.... I got all the doctor appts outta the way and we hit Target and Sam's club today- so I am set!

Here is a pic of the Father's Day card I made for my dad- I didn't make my husband's yet- I know bad.... but hey one out of two isn't too bad!

My girlfriends and I usually have a scrapbook competition of who can scrap the most pages during the summer but since I am the only one who barely still scrapbooks I guess I am on my own. Here are a couple of the pages I have made already.

Here is my Girl Scout Troop at the Heritage House planting and harvesting some of our hard work- we have got a beautiful garden growing there. Sat 6/20

Stevie had his baseball party Sat 6/20 at our house and here he is with his trophy- he was most improved!!!!!

And last but not least a pic (maybe our Christmas picture) of my kids at Doheney where we were camping last weekend.... whew! Loving life!

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Jennifer said...

OMG! Super cute pic with the 3-D glasses! I'm in on that scrapping page contest with you but I need a head start because I actually scrap around my pictures and don't just create pages to later put pics on ... hee hee! See you Wednesday! xoxo