Tuesday, July 28, 2009

summertime summertime- sum sum summertime!

We have been having so much fun between going to Disneyland and hangin' with Octo mom, http://perezhilton.com/2009-07-27-octo-mom-looking-gorgeous-not (that's me in the background!)hangin out at all sorts of beaches, hanging out with great friends by the pool Bar-B-Quing- I hardely have time to think about stamping and scrapbooking. But it is a hobby so I do get around to it every so often.

The last two Monday's I have gone to my very talented and wonderful friend Sharon's in Whittier to play stamping and I am so hopeful that some of her creativity rubs off on me :)

Here are some cards that I took pictures of that she created. I will definatly be CASING some of these! Thanks Sharon- love you!--ok so maybe not I deleated them all- I will have to take pic's later.

Here is a picture of a Starbucks Frappacinio carton she decorated.

and some little things I made ..... Getting ready for Halloween!!!!

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Joy said...

Hi Samantha you have been busy since I was last here, your cards and box are amazing xx