Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Zucchini Boats

My friend Kristi left for a vacation and I kidnapped some of her Zucchini's. She doesn't like when they get too big. I had another friend that told me to scoop out all the seeds when they get too big cuz' that's the bitter part. So I did, and then stuffed them with a meat and rice mixture. They were so good- even the kids liked them!

Another great thing we have been making is zucchini chips. Just slice up a zucchini into rounds and top with Parmesan cheese. Pop into the broiler and let it brown. DELICIOUS!

Then Stevie and Andre made some good old fashioned Rice Krispy Treats- YUMMO!


Jorgenson Journal said...

I really think you should have brought over some of the finished product! It looks yummy!

Joy said...

Hi Sam I have been given a zuccini ( we call 'em Courgettes!? Will try it with the parmesan.