Sunday, January 10, 2010

Disneyland 1/9/10

Debbie called and said. "Hey we are at D-land, come down." OK! So we finished up the house chores and took off. Steven didn't go becasue his back was hurt from splitting logs (even though Shawn did all the work- see pic below.) The church on the corner was cutting down a pine tree so I told him- go get the wood and he did (we can't affford Duraflames anymore :( His friend Dave had a log splitter so he borrowed that. We have lots of WOOD!

We picked up my niece Maya, left Shawn with daddy and grandpa- and were off! While we were there we went into the fairyland and had a fun photo shoot.

Fairy Princess Savannah

Fairy Princess Samantha

Prince Sunflower Surfin' Stevie

Princess Maya

The D-Land Gang =)- With the Disneyland Master of all hidden Mickey's -


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Raquel said...

Hey Girlie I was searching for a stamp site and found your blog. Thanks for the Xmas card! Raquel, yea me from Head start so many years ago!