Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 80th Daddy!

What a GREAT time we had celebrating my dad's 80th birthday at my sister Ursie's house. My brother and SIL came down from Arizona and his in-laws came from Garden Grove ( we LOVE the Caddy's :)
My dad is a special kinda dad. One that would do anything for his kids- He is and always will be the BEST Daddy a girl could have.
Of course we HAD TO light all 80 candles!
He got 2 clappers, pringles, fruit punch, a calendar, a blanket, and tons of scratchers- He got to scratchin right away- He was up $10 bucks when I left... Now he is off to Vegas with his ex, his son- Wayne and DIL- Bettty, and Ruth Caddy- Good Luck Dad- Love you!

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