Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

US We celebrated the 4th at our dear friends Steve, Stephanie and their daughter Meghan ,Stephanie's friend Betsy and her family, and Stephanie's sister and her family, and Steph's mom (who also was turning 71). They have become very close friends and they have been a true blessing to us- thank you guys! We had Graham's BBQ for dinner which was pretty yummy and Stephanie's beans which were to die for Beans Then we had this cake from somewhere in Redlands and OMG! Then Steve busted out the fireworks and we hid as the helicopter went around and then Steve said that he was gonna blame it all on his gardener (Steven) LOL But the best part was when I was saving a water balloon to throw at Steve and when I went to throw it over my head it busted all over me! What a great night! Smiley Fireworks

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