Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy October! is over :(

Buddy up against drugs...Red Ribbon Week at Alcott
WOW! what a truely amazing October! So much to share....

We started going to The Grove a church that we got married at 14 years ago (used to be called VCC Victoria Community Church and used to be around the corner from our house it is now a mega chuch about 5 miles away from us.) We have been torn on finding a HOME church simply because we have been going to Calvary Chapel Moreno Valley (CCMV) for 16 years and we don't feel as if we belong yet. I know a lot of it falls on us becasue we only go on Sunday mornings and we don't serve where we are needed or get involved. But I feel it has always been a cliquish church. If your in..you get special benefits ....if your not in... you don't. They have a waitng list for people to go on that can't afford everything that they have going on...so with us both being out of work...I put us on the waiting list (for another family to sponser us) to go to Family Camp, a tradition CCMV has been doing for many years. Unfortunaetly, NO ONE paid for my family to go. I also put my name on a waiting list for a book for the Ladies Bible Study and again no response. The fact that the pastor still doesn't know my husband's or my name still kinda frustrates me. Robin the pastor's wife does know me and hugs me when I see her...but if I don't show up for monthes at a time...no one calls to see where we are at, or if everything is ok? But then again I don't wanna find a SMALL church where everyone knows me....cuz' then I would have to be too involved! I do feel blessed to be able to try new churches and go to where God is calling us...even it is in His time and not mine. So as of right now we are attending both churches. The Grove on Sunday mornings and CCMV (home fellowship) on Sunday evenings.

Savannah is always number 10!
Steven and I took up coaching Savannah's soccer team for AYSO becasue there was a shortage of coaches. WE SUCK! or well I don't really know if it's us so much as the team. We were really getting beat bad for the first 4 or 5 games and then we got a new player and we were doing much better (still not winning but only losing by 1 point.) But this last Saturday we got beat again 0-8. So not really sure we will continue on as coaches, even though Steven was talking to another coach last night about Spring Season???? Savannah says she wants to play..... She is just like her mom..into everything but perfects NOTHING....ugh!

Savannah was going to start playing piano again but then school started and she took up trumpet and as of today she has not practised once. She wants to play volleyball now...this after taking swimming and horseback riding this summer.

Aunt Boop makes the cutest costumes again this year!
Shawn is growing like a weed. I feel bad that he is not in school, but I do preschool with him on Tuesdays when I babysit Emily ( a neighbor's little girl- we switch off, she takes Shawn on Thursday's :) He is such a joy and fun little guy..but VERY trying at times.

 I am STILL the Girl Scout LEader of Troop 526. What a FUN bunch of girls. I really hope that I am making a difference a least a little bit in at least one of their lives...but sometimes I feel like Girls just wanna have fun....ALL THE TIME! I had 8 parties that I had to go to this Halloween season. This one was the girl scout party at the Easlands.. the first of a whole lot of parties! It was a lot of fun. We did our ceremony, ate, played a couple of games and then went to the Utterbach's haunted house.
Then we had a school dance that Steven DJ'd, put on by Tammy Wamsley...she did great! Then a party at my friend Tina's and another one at Steven's friend George's in Victorville. and on and on and on!

We ended the Halloween Celebration Season with a block party in our cul-de-sac. FUn Fun FUn!
 It was soooo much fun...but I am so glad that OCTOBER IS OVER!!!!!

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