Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Cards and Cookies

I got a real hand-stamped Christmas card in the mail today!!!! So exciting! Even though I have a handful of very talented, creative friends that stamp, craft, and scrapbook....I usually get only one or two stamped cards. The photograph ones are SO cheap and easy- it's easier to just do those. But Melissa and Michelle rocked the stamped cards this year! Thank you girls...I LOVE them! Then Melissa called and said, "Are you home?" She ran over to show me another hand-made card that is adorable! It has soooo many possiblities (the stocking one)- hehe silly I know- but we love creativity!
Christmas in our house means COOKIES and lots of them! I had our cookie exchange last week (Prior post) and now I am going to Pam's cookie exchange tomorrow. A lot of the ladies that will be there are guessed it CREATIVE so I thought I would show off the Stampin UP! cookie press.
 These are so easy, fun, and yummy!
Holidays Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps125152
Regular Price: $18.83

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