Saturday, June 9, 2012

Savannah's Promotion

On June 7, 2012
My daughter promoted from the 6th grade. She spent 7 years at Alcott Elementary and did very well. She promoted with triple advances on her CST teasting, Scholar honors for her grades, and the Presidentaial Academic Award. We could not be more proud of this beautiful, athletic, smart, kind, and caring daughter of ours. She was a gift from heaven and continues to bless us. I know she will make our world a better place! CONGRATULATION SAVANNAH!

Receiving Presidential Academic award

Promotion certificate

Savannah and her 6th grade teacher Mrs. Fatten

The 4 muskateers. BFF's

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~Paola~ said...

Congratulation to Savannah...
woww...quite remarkable young lady U've got here...
The world NEEDS people like her...
Wishing her the best of everything!! ♥