Friday, June 6, 2008

wsc #51- i amaze ME!

So All the time I hear- I am so busy, I don't have time, I could never- well- for those of you- who those sayings apply- YOU'RE RIGHT!

Here is what I did this week
River sunday 3 hours away, a play, piano lessons, 2 PTA meetings, 2 luncheons, skills day, a sizzler meeting were I have to make 31 cards- and present a demo table, take care of a 1 year-old, an 8 year- old and a 36 year-old (my DH), a girl scout meeting- home depot to pick up donations, clean house, Dream dinners, Plaza night, and stamp with a GF just to name a few. So yep- I am so amazed with myself- who would have ever thought- I would be doing all of that in one week- and then to top it all off... I am #29 to turn my card into Beate for her weekend sketch challenge- go ahead tell me again why you can't stamp???? Oh- really!

This is an upclose pic so you can see the shaving cream technique- I love it! I used Be Happy stamp set, and bold bright colors. Have a great weekend!


~Denise Lynn~ said...

What a cheerful card! I love your shaving cream boackground, awesome job. Wow, what a busy busy week! Super props to you girl for finding the time to stamp! :) Hope you can relax this weekend!

beate said... had a busy week! Your card turned out great, Samantha!
Thanks for playing!
Hugs and smiles

Darlene Armstrong said...

Whew you wore me out with you list of activities.
I don't know how you young ladies do it!

I get exhausted just keeping up with the few things I do.

Love the card!