Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I was tagged

Hi everyone-
One of my SBS sisters - Tracie, tagged me

so here goes
1-What was I doing 10 years ago-

Married 2 years and pregnant with twin boys- that were still borns :(

2- Today's To-Do list
CM with Holly, Stater Bros.,Dream dinners, PTA meeting, Wal-Mart

3-Snacks I enjoy-
Not really a snacker- but not skinny by any means

4- If I was a millionaire....

build a house with a back house for my mom and dad and a great big waterfall

adopt a bunch of kids

buy a big truck for the hubby, a new car for me, and a 5th wheel

college funds


5- Places I lived...
California- Los Alimitos, Garden grove, and Riverside

Now consider yourself tagged- haha- let me know so I can come over and read your answers


Anonymous said...

I hope you have a wonderful Dream Dinners experience. Don’t for get to vote for your favorites to be on the August Menu. You can get even more ideas on my blog Take care. http://stephanieallen.wordpress.com/

~Denise Lynn~ said...

Hi Samantha! Thanks for sharing your facts. It's always fun to learn more about people. So sorry to hear what a loss you suffered. You have a beautiful family with your husband.

Have fun with all your stuff today, sounds like a super busy day! Hope you win the megabucks! Wouldn't that be nice! :)

Take care sweetie! :)

louise said...

Great facts Samantha. I am with you on the snacking thing, I am by no means skinny either, mabee thats the secret.lol! I am so sorry about your twins, what a terribly sad thing for you and your family.
Big Hugs

Joy said...

Hi Samantha thanks for sharing, sad to hear about losing your twin boys xx