Sunday, March 22, 2009

Samantha's Sunday Share #11

Broccoli Last Sunday we spent gardening Carrots before we were off to do another cookie booth. My friend Kristi gave me these yummy tomato Tomato
plants- so all the tomatos off of it will be completely FREE!

Then it was off to Stater Bros. Market to sell the cookies. My nephew is the manager of the store we got so it's kinda fun having him around!

Tuesday we had to talk Stevie into missing Boy Scouts Boy Scouts
(His #1 choice) for baseball Slugger 2 to get his uniform, he HAS to miss Thursday's to do a parenting class with his mom (which he asked me tonight on how he can get a girl to notice him- Emily at the parenting clases- shhh, it's a secret!)
Wednesday- We signed Savannah up for swimming! swimming (YEAH- third times a charm- the last two years we missed the sign-ups and it was too full) And- TADA.... I met my 5% weight loss goal at Weight Watchers!!!! I had lost a few before starting it- so total so far 22 lbs... bye bye!

Thursday was piano and babysitting and parenting classes for Stevie- and FINALLY Daddy came home from the hospital! Yahoo- my bother came down and took us to Steer n Stein for dinner- YUMMO!

Friday was cookie booth

and Saturday was cleaning and card swapping!!!! (stay tuned for the posts on the cards!)
Hope you has a great week and are ready to start a new one!

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