Monday, March 16, 2009

Samantha's Sunday share 9 & 10

Happy St. Patrick's Day! A little luck o' the Irish to you all-

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Can't believe that I have slacked so bad on my blogging. I have NOT lost my mojo- I refuse too!!! I have been sooo busy with cookie boothes with Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts Pine Wood Derby, Baseball practice, Weight watchers, work, family, PTA, volunteering at the school, and on top of it all my dad was rushed to the hospital this morning.... AGH!!!!!

So I decided I don't care how late I have to stay up.... I was getting my scrapbook stuff in order on Saturday (whih I did!) and getting some blogging done tonight (here you go)!
Here are some of the events of Girl Scouts during the past couple of weeks-
International Day 2009

Here is my super , wonderful, smart, talented daughter getting her multiplication master award......

oh... and another high honors medallion! (she is our future doctor- she is so interested in Tubercolosis right now- she was talking to the nurse at the emergency room all about it tonight!)

Here are my kids with their Pine Wood Derby cars- Stevie the boyscout, took 2nd place overall and my daughter the Girl Scout, took 1st place over all (well if she could- her's was the fastest - can I say girls rule, boys drool?)

Really we are working with sStevie on dressing and eating- he is much better but doesn't have it quite perfected yet! He ate 4, 1...2...3...4!!!! Hot dogs all by himself tonight!

Then of course with all the busyness- I just want to go to bed and sleep and my husband the party animal (who doesn't have to deal with half the stuff I do.... but is an AWESOME hubby) wants to party so we head off to "The Office" a club in Orange to hear an 80's band called members lonely. I was awake since 3:30AM- so I LOVE this pic of us- not too shabby hey?

Last but not least my lil' guy has a field trip with his preschool to ride the train - so we are off early Sunday morning- this is a picture of him and his teacher Miss Sandra.

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The Adams Family said...

Well, I'm glad you finally got a chance to blog! I have been waiting!! I'm up-dating mine too( talking about you...mine is past due like a month!) I'm sad that are other pictures didn't make the blog!!! could you fix that
love you much :)