Monday, March 30, 2009

Samantha's Sunday share #12

Ok so this is now becoming more a Monday share but.... oh well!
Monday nght we had a GS movie and popcorn night. The girls came dressed int heir PJ's and we watched Baby's Day Out, Had M&M's, Pizza, and Popcorn. It was lots of fun then we sang happy birthday tot he Girl Scouts. We earned three patches just for tonight!

Tuesday- was BUNCO! We have such a great group of girls- Unfortunately I suck at luck and have none to win- I can't even win the Biggest Loser Prize????? Bailey- who is so stinkin adorable won both the pots and My BFF Debbie won last Buncobasket with lots of neat goodies!

Wednesday- Was sooo crazy I can't even remember what I did

Thursday- We had Piano and then I had to rush to See's candy to pick up a thank you gift for our PTA president- Judy Bailey (another BFF) who I love soooo much! and then to Staters to get some flowers and I had to go to the post officebut I can't remember if I went and I can't find the letters anywhere- so.... I hope I did????
Friday night was my scrap class and my two wonderful friends Pam and Mel came over and the pages were so stinkin cute- look for the next post!
Saturday- I was up at 5:30am cleaning and at a pancake breakfast at 7:30am and then BB pics, and then to the cookie cupboard and then back home and then back to the cupboard and then to Staters to make sure they set up the booth and didn't need anything. Then back home- then to the booth and a BB game at 2pm (thank GOD for my hubby!) Then home for the evening! Whew!


Joy said...

I think your a winner Sam - great piccies xx

Sharon Rivera said...

Hmmm...Where is your Sunday Share??? LOL I should talk! It's been a month since I posted anything. I've been making stuff, just not taking the time to photograph and post. Happy Easter to you and the family!!