Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Card Cheer

I recently received two wonderful handmade Christmas cards. The first is from my dear neighbor Melissa.

The second is from my desert/ SU! friend Michelle. Wow- I can't believe they actually pulled off making hand-made cards- Mine....... well, a Sam's Club picture card- with a handmade bow????

As I was sitting writing this (instead of doing what I should be doing) my hubby brought in the mail.... and I received another wonderful card- from one of the most creative, sweetest people I know.... Sharon. AND.... It contained a gift. A 1X1X1X1X1 milk carton box. Ok well, that is not really the measurements but it is an inside joke between Sharon, Sue, and myself. Sue and I are kinda well let's just say box impaired and our friend Sharon can just look at a piece of paper and it will turn into the most adorable cute box- right before our eyes! So here it is... Cute huh?

1 comment:

Sharon Rivera said...

Hey love that new banner! AND the 1x1x1x1 box!!! LOL You crack me up!!

Love you!