Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Very Busy Week

Some of the Mommies giving the girls a break at the CAYA Christmas (a Homeless ministry)

Lots of baking going on over here. I whipped these Bag O' Breads up this morning for cute little give aways. Stamped the recipe card with a loaf of bread stamp that says I Loaf You!

Troop 526 at Mrs. Hope's House for their Christmas ceremony/ celebration.

Some of the girls from Troop 526 caroling at the convelescent homes

Shawn wakes up every morning and goes and lays on the kitchen floor where the heater vent is- "Oh- that feels nice!"

Issy and Shawn at my works Christmas program- Shawn did so GREAT!

Some the Ginger bread houses that I made with my students- they were soooo cute!

Every year my Best Friend and I get together to make the WORLD'S BEST TAMALES! We make about 10 dozen green chili and cheese, pork, and chicken tamales. I don't know what is better..... spending the day with her laughing, talking, watching TV, singing, or the actual tamales????? Thank you Glo for being so wonderful!

This was a tiny spill that we cracked up over- because the receipe that Glo picked this year for our annual cookie exchange was a Martha StewartRocky Road Brownie receipe. It was a little more work than just making some out of the box, but boy were they good- but we yelled at each other if we wasted any becasue each batch only made a small amount. We were cracking up- wne we saw the spill and knew that that tiny spill was equal to about 5 brownies :)

I love to bake and cook, bake more than cook, but hate to clean! But for all of my friends and family I make tray full of YUMMY cookies and candies. With Steven being out of work, we aren't able to buy as many gifts as we usually do so this year baking and spending time with family and friends has really taken on a very special meaning! Hate to say it but being broke really makes you realize all that you have, and appreciate everything that is given to you!

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