Friday, September 3, 2010

Thank you teachers!

I gave my daughters teacher a $15 gift card to start the school year to use for what he needed. He sent me back a thank you on a scratch piece of paper and said he didn't have any thnak you cards so....... I made him some. Then a lady I babysit for walked in and said, "I need some too!" As I was cleaning my room I found a sheet of Suzy Zoo stickers my three-year old tore up.... so I salvaged what I could and made some ADORABLE thank you's for her. The manly thank you's were fast and easy and NOT cute..... I used the Extreme skateboard from SU! and the Extreme background set with it, some punches, and that's it... quick and easy- kinda difficult to make manly cards!

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garyandvalentine said...

very cute sammie.....i would love to go on a walk with that cute little duck!