Saturday, April 16, 2011

Savannah's 11th Birthday

Well, besides all of Vegas (and getting a present everyday) she did get breakfast in bed served by daddy, her BFF got to spend the night, I made her an adorable card and put movie tickets inside, and then grandpa brought Maya by and she got a gift :)

 Then we were off to the mall. Savannah got her eyebrows waxed for FREE at Macy's and a mini makeover at the MAC counter :) Then I took the girls to the Hello Kitty store and told them they could each spend $5. When the saleslady rang it up it ended being $30 and DECLINED. I said" OH Sorry!" grabbed the girls and got out quick. Rebecca was so funny, she didn't quite get why she didn't get her stuff. I told the girls I would make it up to them when we get some money.....oops!

 Then Auntie Florie and Tia Jessie spoiled her with a ton of Justin Beiber gear....she is truely a Belieber! Auntie Jessie also made her a cake since we were at Jacinda's party on Savannah's actual birthday.

Our neighbors, the Jorgenson's, made this adorable sign and put it on the garage- so Savannah saw it as soon as we pulled up! Thanks guys! Then we went to home fellowship and since we were at a party all day I didn't have time to make anything for Savannah to take to her bible study (and we already know there was no money) so I looked and the cabinet and sent what we candy canes, 2 bags of coal chocolate, and heart suckers! LOL! I told Savannah we will NEVER forget what she got and didn't get for her 11th birthday!
Thanks for stamping by!

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