Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shawn's 4th Birthday

 We started by making cookies for the party favors for the guests. Shawn did a great job getting the "4" in the bag upside right!

 We always make a big banner to hang up for the birthday person. Savannah made Shawn's all by herself...her first banner :)
 Wake up Issy...It time to open presents!
 All of Shawn's gifts were hand-me-downs or ones I had in his closet for a really long time. When he opened this one he said, "Yeah, the race track from my closet." ....He is sooo smart!
He wanted cereal with whip cream and blackberries, but I was able to talk him into homemade banana bread with whip cream and blackberries.

 Off to Chuck E. Cheese. Since we didn't have a whole lot of money I didn't want to spend more than $100 on his party and he really wanted it to be at Chuck E. Cheese so we made our own party and just invited our closest friends. Emmy and Shawn had the place to themselves for the first hour of the day!

 Shawn and his 2- BFF's Mason and Emily!
 Shawn and Ricki both born on April 16th- 10 years apart!
 YUMMY!!!! Auntie's famous cupcakes!
 Thanks for helping us celebrate Shawn's special day! We LOVE our friends!
 Shawn LOVES his family sooo much! He is a total momma's boy...but Issy and Daddy run a close second!

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