Tuesday, April 12, 2011

VEGAS BABY!!!! Spring Break 2011

We hit sin city for Spring break 2011. April 1st-9th. We were supposed to leave on Saturday the 2nd, but we were so excited we left Friday around 5pm and got there about 11pm. We stopped at IN N Out for dinner in San Bernardino and then another stop in Barstow for McDonald's ice cream sundaes. Shawn got his first strawberry one and LOVED it! Savannah and I had caramel and Steven had a cone (soft serve is his favorite.) We got to our Condo, that I had won for the week for $450 at a Soroptimist event (mom paid :), at Vizcaya off of the strip and it was sooo nice.

Saturday we woke up and went straight to Wal-Mart, we do this everywhere we go, you could say we are Wal-Mart connoisseurs. Then came back and lounged around waiting for my sister and her two kids to get there. We didn't want to explore without them. We rented some movies from Red Box ($1 movie rentals- gotta love it!) and watched Life as we know it. I love Katherine Heigel, it was really good!When Ursie and the kids got there we headed to the strip and ended up at the Sahara Hotel Nascar cafe. It was the only place around so we decided to eat there even though they had no kids menu and the prices were steep. I am glad we did see it, supposedly the Hotel and Cafe are closing in May.

Then we headed down the strip to the Stratosphere.But first we had to hit the WORLD'S LARGEST SOUVENIR SHOP and can you believe what the girls found. Candy cigarettes...OMG! Ursie and I used to get these all the time when we were little because dad was a smoker for like 50 years. These ones were bubblegum and not quite the same as we used to get...but they did "Puff Powder" when you blew on them. The girls had NO idea which end you were supposed to smoke or how to hold a cigarette... we've come along way!

Then we were going to go to the top of the Stratosphere and do the roller coaster but we didn't have enough money so we just ended up walking around and window shopped. Savannah got a pair of purple glasses and Maya got a tattoo (which was supposed to last a month, but only lasted a couple of days before it got real light.) Sunday we hung out at the pool all day after hitting the gym and then went to the strip and hit CIRCUS CIRCUS!

Sunday we hung out at the pool all day after hitting the gym and then went to the strip and hit CIRCUS CIRCUS! But first we hit Bucca DiPeppo's for dinner. It was really good and a fun place to go. Shawn went to the bathroom and the paper towel holder fell down so we told the waiter and he told the manager and he said he would buy us this $13 sundae. But I knew we were already getting a FREE dessert for all three of our birthdays, so instead I asked them to take the $13 off of the bill, and he did.

Maya loves her Domo's????

I am not a real touristy type of person, and unfortunately don't appreciate a lot of marvelous, wondrous landmarks- but the Hoover Dam was kinda cool....humm maybe I am getting old? We went on Monday to the Hoover Dam and I was expecting this HUGE waterfall looking thing...but quite the contrary...the dam is to block the water...duh...so we saw a really BIG huge wall! OOOO....AHHHHHH! But it was neat to see and since my husband is a carpenter I think I respected the craftsmanship a little more. Savannah got a starfish necklace (to replace the one she got at the science center because it broke when she fell off of the zip-line at Micheal G's,) some pencils, and Dam good mints. Shawn got a dam hat...he was so funny he kept saying, "Hey, watch your mouth!"

On April 5th Tuesday Nana came to visit us. We hung out at the pool and then went to the Paris Hotel/ casino for a buffet that I thought was $17.99 but ended up being $25 per person. The boys luckily were free. Mom forgot her ID so she couldn't use her credit card so luckily Ursie had enough to cover the bill..phew! It was SOO GOOD! The teeney tiny creme brulee dessert was the BEST! Then we hit the Bellagio water show and all the designer shops in the Bellagio, Maya was in HEAVEN! The next day we snuck into the Tahiti Village's pool and had a great day laying around drinking, playing, and soaking up the sun!We went back to the condo had homemade tacos and watched Burlesque.

Since mom/Nana was leaving the next day..we had to get one more buffet in. We went to the end of the strip back towards the Tahiti Village to the SouthPointe Casino and had their famous Garden Buffet. We didn't make it for breakfast so we had the lunch which was $8.95 and it was very good. But we were all still full from the rest of the week and didn't eat very much and I was REALLY itchy and so I took a Benedryl and boy oh boy it knocked me out. We had to go back to the condo for nap time. Then we headed out to the strip for a night out on the town!

The girls rode the roller coaster at New York New York for $14 per ride...ouch!

The Strip at night...how can sin look so beautiful?

A trip to the M&M store.

Relaxing at the oxygen bar...AHHH!
Thursday we cleaned up the Condo and headed for home because I had gotten the flu...UGH! But overall, a great vacation!

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