Friday, January 30, 2009

Inspired by Nature

As you can see by the side bar I have lost a little over 15 lbs. So last night I wanted to make some fast and simple note cards for thank you's. I picked up the Inspired by nature stamp set and came up with this.

There are many reasons why I am getting healthy-

1-For Myself and my health
2- For my kids- I want to play and run and live more for them
3- To be an inspiration to others
4-To be looked at differently an taken more seriously
Anyways, enough of my soap-box, for the card I used taken with teal, Brilliant blue, and Glorious green. I stamped the flowers in the taken with teal and then with a finger sponge dauber I brushed the ends of the flower and another sponge for the green. The background paper in ballet blue. This is one of the cards that we are going to make for the open house tomorrow. Have a great weekend- I will!


~Christina~ said...

Beautiful cards!!! Congratulations on the weight loss. That is absolutely awesome. Keep it up, it's not easy, but soooo worth it. I battled to lose 40lbs last summer and managed to gain 25 of it back. I have been so mad at myself lately for that! I am very proud of you for keeping up the good work....awesome job!!!

Joy said...

The cards are lovely. Well done on the weight loss. I have just embarked on a weight loss plan for the umteenth time! xx