Sunday, January 11, 2009

Samantha's Sunday Share

A Day in the life of a mom! Shawn took everything out of the cabinets and climed inside- is he a QT or what?

Ok, so every Sunday Dawn does a Sunday Share so I thought what a great idea.... so I kinda borrowed it. I thought I would post what happened in my life the past week- then the rest of the week I could concentrate of STAMPING and SCRAPPING!

Last Friday we came back from riding quads in Ocotillo Wells- my nephew Eddie- was flying home to Sac where he lives with his dad. He told us the flight was at 3:30pm and we thought it was at 6:30pm. We rolled up in our driveway at 1:18pm, I check his flight and AAAGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! It leaves at 2:30pm- He Made it believe it or not!!!!!

My 14 year-old Nephew- Eddie

Saturday I started my LIFE STYLE CHANGE- NOT a DIET!

Tuesday I went to a Girl Scout Cookie Rally where there was as much GS cookies you could eat- I ate NONE!!! Can I get an ATTA GIRL! Great!

Wednesday I did something else but I can't remember???? (That is why I had to start the Sunday share???
Thursday we had the Staying Sweet club- I love those girls!!!

Friday- I subbed at my most favorite school. One of my BFF's int eh whole world came over and we stamped!!
Saturday- First I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting- I lost 4 lbs!!! Amazing Then I watched Kristy's girls while my kids went Geocashing with her son for his b- day. Then we were off to Castle Park for Sister- troop day.
My Daughter Savannah and her friend Meghan at CP for GS day! With Anthony the magician- he is AMAZING!

Daddy and Shawn at CP - while the "BIG" kids are off riding we took some pics

Sunday- I slept in until 6:30am and we are off to church and grocery shopping! Have a great week!

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LuvCraftn said...

Wow girl!! You had a busy week. Shawn is freaking adorable in that cabinet!! I miss you. I really need to get back to stamping and scrapping!! Life is finally about to slow down again. I can't wait! :-)