Sunday, January 18, 2009

Samantha's Sunday Share #2

Can I get a YAHOO! You Go Girl! I lost 4 lbs this week and 5 last week. I am otta control. The first week I did and now I am doing weight watchers. I LOVE weight watchers ecause you CAN have ANYTHING you want- and I am using the computer with thier etools to keep track of everything I eat and all the points and it is pretty easy!

Monday- I subbed again at my most favorite school.

Tuesday I had to go to p/u the Fall fundraiser incentives for Girl Scouts and I forgot- but I just blamed it on the fact that I didn't think I could pick them up because the council messed up with our check and didn't post it to our account and so we couldn't pick up our cookie packets and the fall product incentives. Then I went to one of my very best BFF's- Judy Bailey and watched the first episode of Oprah's the Best Life episode. Then my BFF Jennifer came over and we stamped- yah!!!! I missed her so, and am soooooo glad she is back! Wakka Wakka

Wednesday I took Stevie to get two more cavities filled- he went into the room all by himself - he is sooooo tough!

Dentist Thursday my husband went to the dentist and I took my daughter to piano. The dentist is a big deal for us because we have the world's best dentist but he is not covered on my husbands insurance- so we have been looking for a LLLLOOOONNNGGGGG time for a good dentist- and that is hard to do. So we have found a better place- he will never replace our Dr. Foulston- but the joint is very clean and nice.

Friday- The kids came home from school and decided to water the trees. Well, the water turned into a flood, and the flood turned into mud, and the kids turned into a mess!

I had my "Love Shack" class and no one showed up. Sad But I had it Saturday morning again and my BFF Melissa showed up- so It was so nice spending time with her all to myself. Bounce Then the greatest thing happened- THE BRAND NEW 2009 Spring/summer ideabook and catalog came in the mail! and the rest of the day was spent browsing thru it with my BFF Debbie!!!! HOpe you have a great week and get some time to stamp!

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The Adams Family said...

I do have to say your are truely blessed with soooo many BFF'S!!!! What no more Dr. Flouston???? Now where are you going?? Lastly great mud picture :)