Sunday, January 2, 2011

#1 on 30 days of blogging

Today I have to post and picture of myself and 15 interesting things about me!

1- I Love God
2- I LOVE family
3- I love my computer
4- I love crafts
5- I love volunteering in my daughters class
6- I love my friends
7- I love CHILDREN!!!
8-I have two very small dogs (that I love)
9-I love my car and that it starts up everyday!
10-I love Weight watchers and everything it is doing for me!
11-I love snuggling and wrestlinig with my children
13- My favorite color is green and all shades but I really love all the colors of the color graph!
14- I only like to wear fall colors during fall, winter colors during winter, spring colors during spring, etc...
15- I LOVE baking!
That's me on the right with my sister-in-law who I love and am so proud of!

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