Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me...

Ok well, I may not be hot but I did get some pics with SU!'s uppity-ups. Take a look!

Brent Steele ( Vice President, Creative services and A little Riskay!) He made a cute flying bear card with the In the Stars set- and signed my catalog
Dale Fillmore (President and COO)- Beautiful blue eyes- Ewe- lala!!!
I think it's Rick or Greg or Steve- Don't really know- Don't really care. He was gorgeous!!!
Pam Morgan (VP demonstrator services and development) she signed my book and wished me the best year ever!

We even got a picture with Shannon and Jarron but I don't know who's camera it's on??? and they signed my catty also- so ahh-haa!!!!- I am so planning on going to the Carribeean 2010- so come on and help me out! Sign up to be a demonstrator in my group or join a hostess group with me today ($25 a month for 6 months and one of the months you are the hostess and receive all the benifits!)

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