Sunday, August 24, 2008

OMG- She did it for LOVE!

Can you believe my sweet little 8 year- old cut her hair sooooo short for "Locks of Love?" On Thursday she was still undecided until she got to "Ruby's" (our hairdresser) Ruby told her it would look "HIP" and a little long in the front still- so Savannah said "OK!"

So Ruby put it in a ponytail real tight to her scalp and cut! AGH! Vanna started to cry! She said it was way to short- but after alotta coxing from Ruby, she got a little more used to it. Today on the way home from church she said, "When my hair grows long, I want to cut it this short again." So needless to say, we ALL love it now! She even got some highlights put in! SO HIP!


Becky said...

She looks lovely, what a great hair cut and very brave!!
Love Becky xx

Carla said...

She looks absolutely FABU!!! Such a mature and generous thing for such a young girl to do. You've got a real gem on your hands, my friend!!

orangedaisy said...

great style and so grown up

~Denise Lynn~ said...

It looks great! What a wonderful thing to do too! Good for her! :)