Friday, August 22, 2008

Welcome Back to school

Well, for the last two years I was President of the PTA of my daughter's school and now I am Historian (AKA Scrapbooker). So I feel like this year I get to relax a little and watch things happen.

Every year I put together a big tub of school supplies, kleenex, baby wipes, hand sanitazer, etc... for my daughters teacher. I also like to enclose a pack of handmade note cards. Here is the one I made for Mrs. Sanchez (Who we are so excited to have :) ( I CASED it from Crafty C on SCS)

I do need all of your prayers and positive thoughts. There are two people in the class that I have had disagreements with (one being my sister) and another a friend and we are all in the same class- AAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!! So I am praying that the drama is minimal and we can just "ALL GET ALONG." Anyways, prayers will be greatly appreciated! Thanks for looking, sharing, and praying!




Becky said...

Love this card Samantha! Hope everyone got along!!
Love Becky xx

The Avila Family said...

Good luck, I hope that you can all get along!!