Monday, February 2, 2009

Samantha's Sunday Share #4

On Tuesday we had our first BUNCO and it was so fun- we had a Valentine's/PJ party. Valentine Balloons Unfortunately, I didn't win anything- not even biggest loser. It was my nieces b-day but since my sister and I are not talking I did not get to see her- have dinner with her- and my daughter didn't either Sad

The kids had thier jog-a-thon at school and I didn't go to help- I was not feeling well this week. Savannah ran 5 times around the track and Stevie ran 21 (well, that's how many marks he got on his card- but he kinda cheated!) Running

Then it was off to Boy Scouts for Stevie and he went on a field trip to a church that has a Labriynth (?) He liked it a lot and I am going to try to schedule a Girl Scout Field Trip there.
Savannah had piano on Thursday and she needs to learn the notes faster so she is more confident in her readng of music- more stuff for me to help with- yipee! Valentine Piano

Saturday the GS went to the Heritage house in Riverside to learn about the past. It was very interesting and I took some good pictures- to help them remember.

Then we had our open house and we had quite a bit of people show up- so that was nice. I hope to see more of them this month.
After that me and my honey went on a date - We went to the "Fun" shop Sexy (I got some CUTE lingerie!) and then to the Elephant Bar and had a drink before going to see Gran Torino- which was great- but unfortunately true in many peoples lives - so I was sad

Sunday was Super Bowl and I cleaned, played on the computer, watched a little of the game, and STAMPED! Steelers

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Joy said...

Hi Sam, My, you seeem to cram so much in your life! good luck with it all xx