Sunday, February 22, 2009

Samantha's Sunday Share #7

Hi again- I can't believe it's a;rady been 7 weeks since I started my Sunday Shares. Wow! Anyways I have lost 20lbs- yahoo!!! Funny I had Monday off- can't remember what I did??? No That's why I have to do this every week- it goes away too fast. I feel like I was really busy- but.... I really wasn't until Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Friday I had my scrap class, Saturday we had to make 300 "Chrichcici's" (polish cookies) then had International Day at Gage M.S., then Sunday had CPR.

The fun part of my week was when Holly and Debbie came over on Saturday night and we all had shots of Tequlla and pierced our ears up at the top. Holly got in lots of trouble (she is 38 years old and her husband was not amused) Oops Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures :(

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Sharon Rivera said...

Oh good grief!! You HAD CPR?!?! I'm hoping you had to go to a CPR class. lol

Miss you!!