Sunday, February 15, 2009

Samantha's Sunday Share #6

OMG- What another crazy busy week. Lost .4 lbs- 19 lbs total.
Monday I subbed my last day at my favorite school. Tuesday I started a long-term sub job at RCC. My precious Baby Boy started Pre-school- He LOVED the first day and Thursday was a little harder. Not really looking forward to this next week (he knows mommy is leaving him there now!)

Tuesday night I had Girl Scout Service Area meeting and we got our Cookie booth locations- we got all the ones we wanted- YEAH! (at the Staters where my nephew is the manager.) Stevie had Boy Scouts and Kristi asked me to take the boys but I couldn't- because this was supposed to be so crazy and hectic- but it wasn't too bad- even though all the Girl Scout higher ups are *&^%$#'s- they are so MEAN!

Thursday my husband had to drive to pick up my nephew from Barstow- Eddie's dad was going to Vegas to get married so w got Eddie for a few days. We love to visit with him teenagers are so FUN! and FUNNY! (they are like from a different planet.)

Friday night we were all sitting around watching a movie and BAM- WHAM- my baby hit the coffee table and busted his head open- off to the emergency. It could of used two staples but when they told me they weren't going to numb him well, I almost passed out- so they said it would be better for me and him- if he just has a scar on top of his head- and they let us go.

Saturday we went to the snow (well as far as we could get without chains.) Then it was over to the Jorgenson's for a WONDERFUL Valentine's Dinner- we are sooooo BLESSED to have them as OUR neighbors.

Now it's off to do lesson plans, cleaning, washing, dishes, the mall, visits with Eddie's family, and cooking. All- on very little sleep- my little guy was having some breathing problems all last night- so breathing treatments it was! Have a great week.

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Sharon Rivera said...

Hey there GF!! I hope you had a very happy V-Day! Ouch though for Baby Boy!! He is getting so big! I've spent since noon on Friday either in bed or lying on the couch watching TV...finally got a bug from the kids at school. I usually have a pretty good immunity to that stuff. So, this great 3-day weekend where I was supposed to do all kinds of things - including stamping - was a bust. I finally have stopped coughing, sneezing, and blowing my nose long enough to get online for a bit. Let me know when I can come get my cookies!!