Sunday, February 8, 2009

Samantha's Sunday Share #5

Well- another week has flown by. It was my official last week off (as a SAHM) I am going to start a long-term sub job M-F at the local community college. I am excited for the $$$$$ but not the having to wake-up early and being ready and getting all the kids ready... well, you get the point.

Monday I took my boy to go visit his new classroom- he will go T/TH and he loved it!

Wednesday- I went to go meet the students and work with the teacher that is leaving.

Thursday- We had piano and my sweet baby girl came home so upset from school. She said "her and Tiffany were best friends (she is BFF's with everyone- sound familiar? hehe) and Tiffany hit her with the jump rope and she stuck out her tongue and Tiffany was going to tell the principal!!!! We calmed her down and she went to piano- whew- that was a close one! Then I had my staying sweet club where my BFF's Jena nd Glo came over and stampoed and then Melissa popped in and reminded us of a funny storya dn we cracked up so hard the rest of the night!

Friday- Weigh in at Weight Watchers down another 1.5 lbs- 18.6 total! We had the Blue and Gold banquet for Boy Scouts- it was fun- lots of very fattening food! I already had gone out with Gloria to Tony's (YUMMO) for lunch and ate way to many points and then had a little tiny sliver of a delicous cake and that was 9 points!

Saturday- We were supposed to get up at 4am to walk Mt. Rubidoux but thank goodness it was raining and it was cancelled. We then went at 8am to another Girl Scout event - Camping 101. It was really fun and organized and we learned some cool camping stuff. But then.... there was the witch- Joann - boy did we get into it! I was so PO'd at her- lets just say.... it was a good thing there were kids around! Then we went to a biker bar -Cook's Corner in Irvine to listen to a band - they cancelled to I sat there and drank Bud Light for 3 hours- but it was fun hanging with Janelle and John. Definately- OUT OF POINTS for the week!


~Christina~ said...

Good luck at your job!!!!! =)

Supermum said...

Wow, busy, busy, busy. Good luck with the job....and well done on the weight loss....go girl!!
Sue. x

Joy said...

Hi Samantha, well done on your weight loss xx